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PROPERTY LAW - Real estate transactions; Establishment of property rights; Full study of title on a realty subject to disposal transaction; Drafting of title deeds, power of attorney, declarations, and etc documents associated with realty transactions; Voluntary and judicial partition of realties; Acquisition of title on realty by prescription; Establishment and cancellation of statutory and contractual mortgage; Changing the purpose of use of agrarian land and land and forests within the forestry fund; Validation and change of use of buildings and individual units therein.

CIVIL LAW - Legal assistance procedural representation and defense before the courts for civil law disputes; Claims for interdiction, custody, guardianship, etc.; Registration of civil associations, foundations, non-profit organizations in the private and public interest as provided for by the Act on bodies corporate, non-profit /etc.

CONTRACT / OBLIGATION / LAW - Litigation and defense before the court in cases of unilateral termination of contracts, annulment of the transaction announcement of preliminary agreement for final etc. Claims for liability for damages, penalties under contracts, etc.. Consultations, and participation in negotiations of contracts for the sale, exchange, donation, procurement, fabrication, pledge, lease, loan, etc.

COMMERCE LAW - Establishment, deletion, transformation, registration of changes in the circumstances of sole proprietors / SP / companies and trading companies / EOOD, LTD., AD Limited Partnership, Partnership limited by shares, general partnership company; Establishment and registration of cooperatives under the Cooperatives Act; Declaration of annual financial statements with Companies’ register; Filing of bankruptcy and liquidation procedure; Defense and procedural representation before civil and arbitration courts for commercial disputes; Representation for business deal; Drafting of all types of sales contracts /shipment, commission-based, distribution, lease, etc/; Subscription-based legal services for traders.

LABOUR LAW – Procedural representation and defense for labor suits; Legal challenge orders for unfair dismissal, claiming payment of compensation and reimbursement of the loan prior to dismissal from office, etc.; Drafting of employment contracts, orders for termination of employment; Development of procedures for staff reduction via selection among workers and/or employees; Subscription-based legal services for employers, as per the Labor Code.

FAMILY AND SUCCESSION LAW – Filing and Initiation and conducting of divorce proceedings by general claim order by mutual consent of the spouses; Preparation of a prenuptial agreement before and during marriage; Claims for the award of parental rights, alimony and claims for establishing origin; Adoption; Preparation of will of testament, claims for the award of a larger share of the estate, waiver, etc.

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Appeal against penalty decrees issued by the Administrative punishing body / Traffic Police, the National Revenue Agency , the Customs Agency, Municipal Administration authorities, etc. /; Appeal against administrative deeds /orders, decisions, implied rejections , etc. / issued by the municipal or state authorities / municipality mayor, governor, tax offices, agencies/.

TAX LAW - Appeal against auditor’s reports and acts issued under audit proceedings under the Tax Procedure Code; Legal consultation in relation to and in the progress of an audit.

ENFORCEMENT PROCEEDINGS - Issuance of a writ of execution, institution of enforcement action before the bailiff / private or public / collection of outstanding liabilities and dues.. Appeal against actions and acts of the bailiff.