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Bulgarian Properties
The law firm offers mediation and assistance in the real estate deals. On the firm’s website you will find offers for sale- secondary market, owned by clients of the firm.
How to buy property in Bulgaria

After you have made your choice the purchase process starts. It consists of the following steps:

1. The chosen property needs to be reserved and taken off the market. After the unit is selected as a rule the buyer has to pay a deposit in the amount of 1,000-2,000 EUR. Only after that will the property be marked as reserved on the site and will be no longer available for sale.
2. After paying the deposit a preliminary agreement with the owner is signed within 30 days. The agreement settles the basic conditions which will later be copied to the Notary Deed. The conditions include a description of the property, the price, conditions and terms of payment, and for off-plan properties – the term for finishing the property.
3. Drawing up of the Notary Deed (same as Title Deed in the UK) which is considered the legal document certifying the ownership of the property. It is drawn up by the local notary public in the presence of the buyer and the seller.
4. The notary public certifies the deed and registers it with the Registry Agency. This is also noted in the notary deed.
5. A week after receiving the Notary Deed , the property owner need to apply for a card with a unique BULSTAT number (ID number) under which all issues related to the property will be accounted.
6. Two months after receiving the Notary Deed, the property and its owner need to be registered in the tax office.